Welcome Baby Witten

This cute little baby boy is the son of Tracye and Michael, my wedding clients from 2015 and I was so excited since this is my first wedding couple that I have gotten to follow into the next phase of their life. At the time of this session he was at 7 weeks old and cute as pie! When I met Tracye and her Mom in 2014 instead of doing engagement photos we scheduled a family shoot which was amazing! At the time I didn’t focus on family shoots but this family was just one that I felt so comfortable being around and we had so much fun!

In 2015 we met again for the wedding and again loved it. I got to meet the groom’s family and be part of the day from start to finish. It was quite a fun way for me to kick of last years wedding season! Then when I heard the news that they were expecting a baby I was sooo excited for them. Finally getting to meet the little man was great. We had quite a few outfit changes, got to put him in his dad’s favorite team jersey and then went to the park. Having 3 years to watch the family grow has been a blessing for me. Enjoy the photos and Witten, welcome! You are blessed with an amazing family and I am so excited for your future!


A Dream Shoot

So while I have been growing as a photographer I have moved from just weddings to starting to shoot cosplay as well. Still new to the Austin/Central Texas Cosplay scene I don’t always have the ability to catch cosplayers attention. A lot of that changed one day at Ikkicon. At Ikkicon this year I did my normal thing, ran around took a picture or two of some random cosplayers and passed out business cards to make connections. The thing that I was most excited for was the Sailor Moon group photoshoot. While that event didn’t work out the way I planned it did allow me to connect with some amazing cosplayers that I had long admired!

These two are an adorable couple that I shot in a group with the formal sailor scouts. They cosplayed as Serenity and Endymion. When they reached out after the con for a individual couples shoot with their cosplay characters. These two are a couple in real life and probably one of my favorite couples I’ve met recently! She is super talented and can do all kinds of things with makeup effects while also sewing together costumes and making props! He is also super talented at making his own cosplays. The level of craftmanship is of the chart. Enjoy some of their photos! I am looking forward to meeting them again for future cons and seeing what’s next for them!

Capital Maternity

While I mostly shoot Weddings and Cosplay every once in a while I am given a fun session outside of the norm. This couple approached me with a request to do Maternity photos! They are expecting a beautiful baby girl soon and we decided to shoot a sunrise session at the Capital Building right in the heart of Austin.

They both have moved here from Russia and with every place we went you could see the care and love he has for two of the most important women in his life. One thing about weddings is that they are so full of love. This maternity session was no exception to what I usually shoot. She was prepared with quite a few fun props and the baby girl’s clothes and toys (I love baby socks and shoes!).

The scenes of the capital are absolutely gorgeous but we did manage to get in for a few from inside the capital building as well! Enjoy!


Ivan & Edrianna

This has been a great year for some of the people closest to me. In a recent blog I told you about a friend who married an amazing woman who is setting up to be a pretty great friend. Now I get to tell you that two of my other closest friends recently got engaged. To say that I was thrilled to be asked to do their engagement photos was an understatement! Ivan and I met in high school and I met Edrianna shortly before her move out to Austin to be with Ivan. To be honest I have never seen him happier than when he is with her.

They are both creative types and they make a really great team. I just love being able to be part of this step in the rest of their lives together. Once my husband and I moved to Austin about 2 and a half years ago we really got to bond with Edrianna. She and I have really close birthdays and usually end up half celebrating together! They both love to dance and are really good at it!

For those of you who don’t know, Mount Bonnell is the highest point in the Austin area. It’s really beautiful and has breathtaking views of the Colorado river with the Austin city skyline in the background at some points. This is an amazing place to catch a sunrise or a sunset. Ivan had proposed to Edrianna here and so we thought there would be no place better to have the engagement photos! Enjoy the photos!


Defining Love

So this is a topic that has been near and dear to my heart and what better way to talk about it than through photos of something that I truly love. Growing up as a Sailor Moon fan since before I can even remember; this anime has shaped a lot of what I believe to be true. The show displays the normal aspects typically related to what a relationship looks like in i.e. Usagi and Mamoru. I must have modeled myself very much after that, meeting my husband at 13 and fighting every step of the way for a relationship I believed in even when it didn’t seem like we would make it through.

While this was my path to take I also grew up presented with a relationship that was not like that one. A relationship that the dubbers of the anime decided to make a familial relationship because I guess they didn’t think it would go over well with a US market. But deep down in my young heart I knew what love was and this had all the features. There was no world for one where the other did not exist and they would do anything to protect that person even if it comes down to self sacrifice. It’s how I feel when I am forced to think about a world without my partner and a feeling that resonates in every single person when you have found the one. If that isn’t true love I don’t know what is.

While these two cosplayers are not a couple they are truly beautiful at representing the characters and feelings that I knew were right from the get go. Love to me is open and can not be defined or restricted by another. One of my favorite relationships after all this time. I am just over the moon that I could catch some of it on camera. Enjoy the punk rock twist of these two scouts, Michiru & Haruka. You can and should follow both of these cosplayers on Instagram at @mayhemsmuse and @darkredheart 🙂


Thanks for reading my more wordy post about how I feel. Love gets me right in the tender spot of my heart and it is an absolute joy that my job is to capture people in love. Even in these awesome punk rock outfits its still so tangible as a feeling.

“I never renounce my feelings. True Love can not be taken away by anyone.” Sailor Moon



2015 in Review

2015 was a huge year for me both personally and professionally. Before we get to the pictures from the year in review I would love to say how much I love the Austin community and the fun I have had working with fellow artists (photographers, makeup artists, models, designers, cosplayer, etc). Also the many families who allowed me to be part of your Wedding day, engagement, or maternity! You all have blessed my life in ways I can’t even begin to put into words.

So here is my year in review. A picture from every session this year. Are you in here? If you aren’t I would love to meet you in 2016!

Munmun & Aman Couples Shoot

These two embody everything that I love about what it means to be a couple. On Monday December 7th they got married at the courthouse and are planning their big day in India to be with their families! My husband and I got married in December via notary before our wedding the following February so couples like this are definitely near and dear to my heart. When I was talking with her about what they were looking for I couldn’t have been more excited to be part of remembering this day for the two of them!

This session went on to be one of my favorite to date because the couple not only loved having their picture taken, they also had studied and knew what they wanted to do and how to pose. I only had to tweak little things and every time I turned around they were in a new pose. It was like they were professional models! The way they interacted with each other was so playful and comfortable. The two communicated so easily. We laughed and roamed around the capital so freely turning everything into a good shot for a photo from the beautiful sunset to the capital building to the downtown streets.

They have already been together for 8 years, some of it separated and I can tell you that they have so many more together in the future. I wish them all the happiness and joy in the world to come as they plan the big day and the next steps together.