Welcome Baby Witten

This cute little baby boy is the son of Tracye and Michael, my wedding clients from 2015 and I was so excited since this is my first wedding couple that I have gotten to follow into the next phase of their life. At the time of this session he was at 7 weeks old and cute as pie! When I met Tracye and her Mom in 2014 instead of doing engagement photos we scheduled a family shoot which was amazing! At the time I didn’t focus on family shoots but this family was just one that I felt so comfortable being around and we had so much fun!

In 2015 we met again for the wedding and again loved it. I got to meet the groom’s family and be part of the day from start to finish. It was quite a fun way for me to kick of last years wedding season! Then when I heard the news that they were expecting a baby I was sooo excited for them. Finally getting to meet the little man was great. We had quite a few outfit changes, got to put him in his dad’s favorite team jersey and then went to the park. Having 3 years to watch the family grow has been a blessing for me. Enjoy the photos and Witten, welcome! You are blessed with an amazing family and I am so excited for your future!


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