A Dream Shoot

So while I have been growing as a photographer I have moved from just weddings to starting to shoot cosplay as well. Still new to the Austin/Central Texas Cosplay scene I don’t always have the ability to catch cosplayers attention. A lot of that changed one day at Ikkicon. At Ikkicon this year I did my normal thing, ran around took a picture or two of some random cosplayers and passed out business cards to make connections. The thing that I was most excited for was the Sailor Moon group photoshoot. While that event didn’t work out the way I planned it did allow me to connect with some amazing cosplayers that I had long admired!

These two are an adorable couple that I shot in a group with the formal sailor scouts. They cosplayed as Serenity and Endymion. When they reached out after the con for a individual couples shoot with their cosplay characters. These two are a couple in real life and probably one of my favorite couples I’ve met recently! She is super talented and can do all kinds of things with makeup effects while also sewing together costumes and making props! He is also super talented at making his own cosplays. The level of craftmanship is of the chart. Enjoy some of their photos! I am looking forward to meeting them again for future cons and seeing what’s next for them!


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