Brandon and Kelly’s Wedding

Brandon and Kelly’s wedding was a special one for me. My husband and I have been friends with Brandon for years and this was the first wedding that I had done for someone that has known me before they asked me to do their wedding. Brandon and Steve have worked together on independent films for many many years and met each other while working at Halloween Horror Nights in college (go check them out at LO Pictures)! When friends choose to go with you for their special day it is really quite an honor; since in my case the people that I keep in my circle tend to be really incredible.

Brandon and Callie (his daughter) have been through a lot and so when I heard that he had found love in his life with Kelly, I knew she was going to be pretty amazing. I didn’t know quite wow much until my husband met her on a trip back to Florida and we began socializing through social media. These two (three really) were perfect for each other.  The have a love for the nerdy things and honestly come off as really confident in who they are. My favorite thing was to see the family cosplay for the Star Wars Force awakens movie opening. Everything in the wedding was details of them and it was really well planned out to incorporate the things they wanted in their day!

This was my fourth state, California, to photograph in and I was so happy to be part of their day and capture the moments. Please enjoy some details from the wedding. Kelly made the cake topper and how beautiful is it! She is really talented and creative and had been quite an inspiration for me. These two had a beautiful day with their closest family and friends who flew in from all over the country. I think the best thing about this ceremony was it ended up being 6 minutes (yes super fast) of reference packed love, laughter and memories. Everyone in the crowd was laughing through the whole thing with the quick wit and overwhelming character of this ceremony. This started my weddings for 2016 and there are days you will never forget about. Being part of moments like these are some of those moments I get to cherish for the rest of my life. Wishing the couple all the best and I am so excited to get to watch the future they create together. Live Long and Prosper!


One thought on “Brandon and Kelly’s Wedding

  1. Beautiful shots Jennifer as you and your lens captured the spirit and ambiance of this special wedding! Kelly is a gorgeous bride, a dedicated wife to Brandon, and nurturing mom to Callie. Happiness for all of their shared journeys! It was a pleasure to meet you two as well. We enjoyed our short activity filled stay in CA.


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