Defining Love

So this is a topic that has been near and dear to my heart and what better way to talk about it than through photos of something that I truly love. Growing up as a Sailor Moon fan since before I can even remember; this anime has shaped a lot of what I believe to be true. The show displays the normal aspects typically related to what a relationship looks like in i.e. Usagi and Mamoru. I must have modeled myself very much after that, meeting my husband at 13 and fighting every step of the way for a relationship I believed in even when it didn’t seem like we would make it through.

While this was my path to take I also grew up presented with a relationship that was not like that one. A relationship that the dubbers of the anime decided to make a familial relationship because I guess they didn’t think it would go over well with a US market. But deep down in my young heart I knew what love was and this had all the features. There was no world for one where the other did not exist and they would do anything to protect that person even if it comes down to self sacrifice. It’s how I feel when I am forced to think about a world without my partner and a feeling that resonates in every single person when you have found the one. If that isn’t true love I don’t know what is.

While these two cosplayers are not a couple they are truly beautiful at representing the characters and feelings that I knew were right from the get go. Love to me is open and can not be defined or restricted by another. One of my favorite relationships after all this time. I am just over the moon that I could catch some of it on camera. Enjoy the punk rock twist of these two scouts, Michiru & Haruka. You can and should follow both of these cosplayers on Instagram at @mayhemsmuse and @darkredheart 🙂


Thanks for reading my more wordy post about how I feel. Love gets me right in the tender spot of my heart and it is an absolute joy that my job is to capture people in love. Even in these awesome punk rock outfits its still so tangible as a feeling.

“I never renounce my feelings. True Love can not be taken away by anyone.” Sailor Moon




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