Rebecca and Xiong Maternity Session

First and foremost I am going to start out by saying that I absolutely adore this couple. These two are funny, down to earth, loving and incredible. They are so open with who they are and don’t put a filter on anything and the honesty is so refreshing. Rebecca and Xiong are also animal lovers with their beautiful pitbull and husky!

Rebecca&XiongMaternity-37 Rebecca&XiongMaternity-17 Rebecca&XiongMaternity-116

When we met, I could tell in just a few sentences that I wanted to know them and that I really wanted to do these sessions with them. I was super thrilled that we bonded and seem to have a great time every time we meet. Even though I am in the process of specializing to just do Weddings and Cosplays, for them I will always make an exception!

Rebecca&XiongMaternity-23 Rebecca&XiongMaternity-4 Rebecca&XiongMaternity-39

This session was meant to be done today as everything fell perfectly into place. And when I say everything I mean down to the parking it went into place. I don’t know how familiar with Austin you readers are by the downtown is kind of a mess. There are like 52 new skyscrapers going up and lots of roads under construction and really not a lot of affordable parking especially to snap a few photos and not pay for a parking garage or throw your money away at a meter. So we picked 3 local graffiti spots to go to. Joe’s coffee shop off of S Congress “I love you so much”, the Pac Man on the railroad tunnel graffiti as seen from S Lamar and the “Til Death do us part” Wall off of 5th and Congress. So none of these locations are within walking distance of each other so we had to drive and park at each spot and walk with two crazy dogs in the crazy Texas heat (which honestly wasn’t as bad as it could have been since we did this early in the day).  It’s amazing, each time we went somewhere there would be one spot just waiting for us to grab it and walk a pretty short distance to our destination! Couldn’t have planned it better.

Rebecca&XiongMaternity-20  Rebecca&XiongMaternity-24

After we got done with the Downtown shoots we headed off towards the greenbelt. The greenbelt is a beautiful piece of nature preserved as walking trails due to how badly Austin floods but its perfect for that person looking for a quiet get away from the city life to have a moment to yourself. I took this lovely couple and their excited pups down the trail to some of my favorite patches to take pictures at and even though the river is bone dry we got some amazing greens and the sun was shining just right. The green belt is such a different experience from one season to the next. Thats when we pulled out some props and we got to take come of the most incredible pictures to welcome this little girl into the world.

Rebecca&XiongMaternity-52  Rebecca&XiongMaternity-55  Rebecca&XiongMaternity-67

Back to the part where everything for this photoshoot fell into place… Rebecca was telling me that she had read this book with Xiong back when they first got together called “Zombies in Love”. Well when she went shopping for a book to read to their little one she found the amazing sequel! “Zombies in Love 2 +1”. The Zombies find a human baby! I’m not sure how much more serendipitous can it get????

Rebecca&XiongMaternity-98  Rebecca&XiongMaternity-84  Rebecca&XiongMaternity-96

With a wrap to this fun filled session all I can say is I am so excited for this baby! She is going to have some amazing parents and I couldn’t be happier for this wonderful growing family

Rebecca&XiongMaternity-136  Rebecca&XiongMaternity-201  Rebecca&XiongMaternity-144


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