Space City Comic Con 2015

Space City Comic Con in Houston was my first larger convention to go to in many years. (I went to Hero Con and Haven Con here in Austin which were fun but also much smaller, should be cool to see them grow!) It brought back a lot of the feelings from home but it was still different. This convention was different from Megacon, Jacon (throw back RIP Jacon you are missed) and AFO in the sense that there wasn’t a whole lot of anime representation in the cosplayers. It was mostly Comic Books, TV shows and Movies that are the fan favorites here. I guess I assumed what a Comic Con would be like so it was quite eye opening for me!

comiccon-8 comiccon-13 comiccon-15

One of the things that has blossomed in my little fandom heart has been a love for Doctor Who and I couldn’t get enough of it here! There was everything from celebrity appearances, to all kinds of accessories to even life size Daleks and a Tardis! Both Daleks roamed the convention hall at some point while we were there for the two days! It was pretty impressive. My hubby is getting ready to undertake the 10th Doctor as a cosplay so he couldn’t have been more thrilled by everything that was  going on around us.

comiccon-53  comiccon-3  comiccon-32   comiccon-36 comiccon-20 comiccon-23  comiccon-28    comiccon-45   comiccon-18

You can tell when you are a true fan by being able to pick out the smallest details a cosplayer may be wearing and know who they are cosplaying as and I had so much fun finding all the Doctor Who cosplayers as well as some other epic cosplays. There were also a few Elsas running around and other favorite movie characters. I actually even saw a smurfette! The event also had quite a few things going on for Star Trek which was celebrating Voyager’s 20 year anniversary with a party with the cast. The cosplayers of the Star Trek fleet crew were great.


There was also an area where people could beat each other up with pretend weapons that were incredibly well made (ok it was mostly kids beating each other up.. still looked fun though).

comiccon-11  comiccon-7  comiccon-25

At the convention we got some pretty amazing fudge. All you can drink natural sugar soda with event personalized silver mugs for the Con from one of the vendors called Wild Bills. I gotta say the Black cherry soda was to die for! Steve got two NASA shirts (they were a vendor there!) We didn’t end up staying in Houston for it cause we had just gotten back from Denver and poor planning on our part so we drove from Austin to Houston and back both days. That turned out to be pretty fun too with a glee sing-a-long and lots of great conversation about the world opening up in front of us. When you embrace who you are it feels really comfortable and warm! It has made me super excited for the Texas Comic Con that I will be going to in just a few short days!

comiccon-57 comiccon-63 comiccon-60


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