San Japan 2015

San Japan 8.

Where to start…. when I first arrived I can tell you right away I was overwhelmed! As a photographer who is trying to head in a direction that fits me best and as a former (and future) cosplayer I was truly blown away. I was still two blocks away from the front doors of the convention and I could already see incredible costumes and all kinds of fan favorite items such as plushies, backpacks, shirts and hats just to name a few. I wasn’t even sure how to begin or where to go! I was on my way for an unofficial group photoshoot but found myself so horribly lost that I eventually just started taking other pictures!

SanJapan-1 SanJapan-3

SanJapan-6 SanJapan-36

When I did finally stop roaming around and settled in to get my gear out I let my emotions run over me and be expressed! Here I was at one of the largest anime conventions I had ever been to and like the day that I met my husband at Megacon in 2002 I was there all by myself! I was so excited and felt to be right at home! It was just like my days as a young teenager and it felt so normal. I wandered a bit and as I looked around I found my first photo that I just had to take! It was Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew! I remember talking about doing that cosplay myself some time ago! With that the ice was broken and there was no stopping me!

SanJapan-207  SanJapan-21  SanJapan-190

After a fee indoor convention hall pictures I decided to wander outside and see if I can take some more artful shots off of the beautiful Riverwalk in San Antonio and sure enough there were lots of groups of cosplayers (probably where my group ended up)! Outside I got to meet one of my cosplay idols Cosmic Empress, even though I didn’t know it was her. (Thank goodness to cause I might have been to shy to talk to her had I known!) Finding out later that it was her was awesome! I continued to take pictures of anyone who had a great costume that wasn’t already with another photographer.

SanJapan-66  SanJapan-73

SanJapan-93  SanJapan-112

What happened next was exciting. I walked past a gathering of Naruto cosplayers who were getting ready for the group photos when I heard “So we only have two photographers and there are a lot of you so we are going to have to do this differently.” I approached the man(photographer) who said that and I was like “do you need another photographer?” Then before I knew it I was taking pictures with this group as well! There was so much variety in the Naruto cosplays and it was so cool to be part of. My second cosplay was Ino from Naruto though there was not one that day sadly. The next thing I stumbled into was the Pokemon group photo shoot and that was super cool too! Lots of great interpretations of the Pokemon and I am so inspired to join them for my Eevee evolution series! Sadly I missed the DBZ and the Sailor Moon group photoshoots but next year for sure!

SanJapan-212 SanJapan-203 SanJapan-171

If anything it was a warm welcome back to the community I used to be part of and I can’t wait to do it more. Cosplay World are you Ready? Because I am home and I am ready to hit the ground running! ❤  SanJapan-222   SanJapan-51   SanJapan-153


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