Sarah and Pete – Engagement Session

sarah&pete-4   sarah&pete-14

Ah This adorable Couple. They are now forever dubbed the LadyBug couple because through out this entire photosession lady bugs kept landing on both of them. Lady Bugs are considered lucky and I think this is an amazing sign as we head into their wedding in August! I was lucky enough to not only do the last minute New Year’s Eve Wedding but also to find this amazing couple through the Randol family after posting some Facebook photos! Sarah and I had lots of back and forth by email and then chatted it up at a StarBucks in San Antonio. We talked about everything and with everything her family has been to she is still one of the most positive and uplifting people I think I have ever met. When you mention that some people have a positive glow about them. Sarah is one of those people.

sarah&pete-11    sarah&pete-13

Knowing this about Sarah, I have to say I was pretty excited to meet her Mom for the next consult. This time we met at a local coffee show that I love to bring my clients to in Austin, Cafe Creme. Wouldn’t you know it, the same thing. We chatted about just about everything, bonded over life experiences and I left thankful there are people like this family in the world. So after the buzz of my amazing Wedding the night before heading into this session I was excited to see my bubbly wonderful bride to be and finally meet the very lucky man. Well after meeting him this family ended up 3 for 3 (actually 4 because his sister is super nice too) He is pretty awesome. The way they are together and the way they make each other smile and laugh. You just can’t help but want to smile and laugh with them. They were both a bit nervous being in front of the camera but it took only moments for them to settle in and find ways to communicate and have fun while I was able to capture them.

sarah&pete-1     sarah&pete-5

Part of the reason engagement shoots are so important is not just because couples would like to have beautiful pictures of themselves for their invitations, their walls, or their offices. Its a very important time for us to learn together. We get to bond while I as your photographer get to find out what you like in your pictures, or don’t like. What makes you smile and what makes you two totally and perfectly unique. I know I can go to this same beautiful park with another couple and not get the exact moments and that to me is truly incredible when you can find the photos that tell a much bigger story than the one going on in that moment. This is a couple that is meant to be together because in each other they find strength and undeniable love. I am stoked to be part of this wedding in August and to see the rest of the blessings their future has in store for them.



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