Stylized Shoot : 1940’s Shoot


So  I decided it’s time to start blogging about the shoots I do just for fun and to continue to learn and grow as an artist and a photographer! I dabbled a bit with this concept back in Florida but I have to say it really came out with a fury here in Austin. Back in January, a wonderful young lady (Nettie) was trying to put together a decade shoot and needed the help of a photographer and a makeup artist, as well as other models who wanted to be part of the shoot. Having only been in Austin a little over a year and since I didn’t really know anyone here I put my name down to be a photographer for this shoot.  Well obviously I got picked to help out and do the shoot and I’m so glad I did!

 40sfun-6   40sfun-97

This shoot started at the outside of the Driskill and we wandered up 6th, Brazos and Congress to a variety of really neat places in the heart of downtown Austin. In addition to the great location most of our models either had or rented some really awesome outfits and so we got to shoot a variety of portrait, couple and groups shots. Everyone put in their pieces to contribute to the shoot. What I loved the most about it though was not only creating awesome Photos, but the new friends I made along the way. But enough about that! Have some of my favorite photos from this session and a wonderful weekend!


Coordinator : Nettie Boop

Hair and Make up : Chase Mcbride

Models: Nettie, Shelley, Lauren, Chai, Anthony and Kenny.

Photography and Editing by Me 🙂

40sfun-451  40sfun-330  40sfun-2


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