Ray Wedding Celebration – May 2nd 2015


I think the first thing I will say is this, You will never meet two more caring, giving, or loving people than these two are. I didn’t get the pleasure of meeting Kevin before the wedding but Monique was a dream. She was so thoughtful to all of her vendors throughout the entire wedding planning process that she always wanted to make sure we were okay. Monique was always asking after my opinions, feelings or thoughts about timing, lighting or poses. She wanted her day to move smoothly and with no extra added stress on such a big day. She wanted the day to be fun for everyone who as there. I will admit though that it was so touching to be with her on her way down to the wedding hall as I finally got to see the little nervousness before she got married.

RayWalkerWedding-1    walkerraywedding-4    raywalkerwedding-5

This couple is truly all about the family. They have two boys that are being fully joined by this union and who have bonded so well that you can tell they were just a match meant to be. Those boys too were an absolute hoot on the dance floor, often times owning it all by themselves! This wedding though was so much more than just the immediate family. Both sides are full of some absolutely wonderful people. I got to hear some fun stories and meet much more extended family through the dinner portion of the night. Some of these other amazing people at this wedding made a lasting impression on me that I am sure not to forget. In meeting both sides of their incredible families I get to see part of the reason that this couple ended up the amazing caring people they are today. It’s truly amazing to go to a wedding and not just be touched by the love the couple has for each other (Everyone knows I tear up at that) but also by the strength of the love coming from the family which I cannot describe in adequate words. Her dad’s toast to the couple and the father’s daughter dance are just two small moments that I will cherish when thinking back to this wedding.

RayWalkerWedding-3 RayWalkerWedding-4

The wedding was a beautiful event down to all the amazing details in the cakes, bouquets, dress, and rings. To see Monique and Kevin get the wedding they had worked so hard for and to smile so much makes me so happy that even part of my job is to document their day. To have photos to share the little things they may not have seen and to capture the moments they will treasure forever. When you get the opportunity to be a part of something like this for two great people like them, it is something you never forget. I wish you both a lifetime full of happiness and joy with your family and each other.



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