Champagne Wedding 03-14-15

This wedding is one that has been on my books for so long that I thought it was never going to get here. Then the day finally arrived and was it beautiful! The weather was perfect, after all the freezing days (Including the day we shot the Bridal shoot!), and the crazy rain. The venue was gorgeous, the bride was gorgeous, and the details were gorgeous. Everything seemed perfect for this Big Day.

TracyeMichaelWedding-8  TracyeMichaelWedding-5  TracyeMichaelWedding-7

The whole family, bridal party and family friends arrived about 2 hours before the ceremony was set to start and set up all of the different rooms with little touches of the bride and groom. The feeling you got from the decor was of a rustic elegant look with beautiful details everywhere. From the Bar to the dining hall to the reception there wasn’t an area left untouched. In the last few minutes leading up to the wedding, the groom kept trying to sneak in any peeks he could get but the brides mates and wonderful wedding planner made sure he couldn’t get them. He was one of the few Grooms I have ever seen that didn’t appear nervous as much as he was anxious. He couldn’t wait to start the rest of his life as soon as possible. It was wonderful.

TracyeMichaelWedding-2  TracyeMichaelWedding-303  TracyeMichaelWedding-4

Their wedding felt like a dream. It was a late afternoon start and the sun was peering out of the trees to cast an enchanting haze on the ceremony. Tracye and Michael through the ceremony while the preacher talked would look at each other. Once the ceremony was over the photo session went through amazingly, ever corner had a new amazing spot to take photos. The other vendors even had a few amazing suggestions for places we could go to get beautiful sunset shots.

TracyeMichaelWedding-9  TracyeMichaelWedding-3   TracyeMichaelWedding-6

What I love most about Tracye and Michael’s wedding though is that family to this pair is so much more than just relativies. When you listened to the toasts and the speeches about these two a very common theme emerged. Family is the people who love you and support you and these two are surrounded by one of the strongest families you could imagine. Loved being apart of your big day, and getting to know you during a family shoot last year and the bridal shoot. I can’t wait for your little ones! Wishing you guys all the best in the future! ❤


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