Pollock Wedding — Feb 21 2015

What I loved about this couple was how we met. Through the process of emailing these clients wanted to know what most people don’t think to ask. They wanted to ask about creativity, they didn’t want to be cookie cutter. Kristi wanted a photographer who could appreciate even the little things they wanted to do to be different. They got to learn more about me in the consult email than most who work with me ever do. I was even nervous once I sent the mail that I wouldn’t hear back from them. When she emailed me back I knew we were going to be great together since we could get along so well! They came to visit us here in Austin from Oklahoma, and after meeting them I knew this family was extraordinary and fun.

kristicranwedding-39  kristicranwedding-146  kristicranwedding-115

Kristi and Cran are so full of energy and you can see that in the family. All the kids are so unique with their personalities and how they interact with each other. Even on a day as stressful as a wedding can be, the whole family was teeming with optimism and  humor. They got married at the beautiful Chapel Dulcinea which has breathtaking views and landscapes in the Hill Country. The bell tower at the ceremony’s conclusion was like a purifying breath of fresh air to your ears.

kristicranwedding-2  kristicranwedding-3  kristicranwedding-155

It had been calling for rain all week, and not just any rain… Thunderstorms! So rare in Austin but we were glad to get there and it stayed clear until well after we had left the venue for the evening. The weather cooperated so well it even stayed relatively warm to what it was being called for that night. All the stars had aligned for these two to be married.

kristicranwedding-219  kristicranwedding-195  kristicranwedding-262

Couples like Cran and Kristi are rare and amazing. It was a beautiful wedding and wonderful to be part of something with those that I would have never met otherwise. The world seems more vibrant after their bright and converse filled wedding. What I loved too is my wedding anniversary to my husband is the day after theirs and so I feel a sense of kindred spirit with these two as we celebrate a very important day around the same time together every year from now on! I wish you both a lifetime full of happiness and joy with all the little ones. You all have so much to look foward to in your lives ahead. ❤



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