Session of the week : Randol Wedding

While most people were out celebrating the old year coming to an end and the new year beginning, I had the pleasure of being part of a New Year’s Eve Wedding for a wonderful couple! This was a quick wedding that was an absolute knock out! I had not yet met Shelby or Austin when I arrived to the hotel. Shelby and I actually met for the first time that night when I was carrying her wedding dress out of the hotel to be photographed right when she had arrived! shelbyaustinwedding-71  shelbyaustinwedding-173  shelbyaustinwedding-102

Shelby and Austin have a full, fun family that includes a 14 month old and he is adorable! He loved playing with and stepping on phones of any variety. He is also one of the happiest babies I think I have ever gotten the pleasure to get to know. The theme was based around the New Years theme so there were blues and sparkles everywhere, it was so festive.

shelbyaustinwedding-377  shelbyaustinwedding-406  shelbyaustinwedding2

Arriving at the house there was a candle lit path and the trees were wrapped with beautiful lights and hanging candles. The weather though had forced the wedding to be inside of a heated tent but the layout was more beautiful then some of the venues I had been at. Every detail had been carefully thought out and you could see the families touch no matter where you had looked.

shelbyaustinwedding-219  shelbyaustinwedding-590  shelbyaustinwedding-420

The more time I spent with Shelby the more I found we had in common which I loved! She also has a fun personality who loves to change her hair color drastically every once in a while and she is such a giver. I saw her a bunch of times running around to check on others and where things were to make sure things were progressing so people had places to sit and eat. Even on her big day she was so focused on everyone else. Austin was a great compliment to her, the way he looked at her is one of my reasons that weddings are my favorite event to shoot. There was no one in the world but her for him. It is truly beautiful. Even though I only got to be part of a tiny sliver in their lives I feel truly honored to have been a part of this. I wish you both every happiness.

shelbyaustinwedding-328  shelbyaustinwedding-622


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