Hilliman Tran Wedding

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The Hilliman-Tran wedding was set at the beautiful Oasis at Lake Travis for the coming Saturday when the rains the week before began to make us nervous. The rain was coming down much like it is today. We all began to cross our fingers and hope for clear skies that day. To our surprise and joy the morning started with beautiful sunshine! There was some clouds but it was a nice accent to the soon to be sunset sky. Rain is a fact of life this time of year and it gives us the beauty in the greenbelts so I love it, but I was really glad it stayed away this day.

HillimanTranWedding-3   HillimanTranWedding-51

I had met this couple a few times before and they were a quiet couple. They were so open to new ideas and loved to look through all the pictures I gave them to look at. They were also inspired by an early wedding to try a few things out. During their wedding they included the sand pouring ceremony and it came out quite nice. They still hadn’t picked their colors out when I met them the week before the wedding. The only thing they knew for sure was that they wanted the American flag in some of the pictures. You see Roy was in the Military and had been for a long time. This is quite important to their family. So I did some thinking and brought a flag with me to the location.

HillimanTranWedding-337       HillimanTranWedding-5


The love that they had for each other was overwhelming when you are with them. They had eyes only for each other, they could see their futures together. When you see two people getting married this is the love that you want to feel when you are around them. Their children said that they brought out the best in each other during their toasts and it was quite easy to see. The ceremony was set out the sunset hour and the colors were breathtaking due to the cloud coverage and the ever beautiful Lake Travis. This was a wedding I was so glad to be part of and one I will always remember!

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