Session Thursday : Quintero Wedding

So it has been a bit since my last blog post! I guess you could say that craziness has been going on here! Weddings galore and lots of learning on the marketing front. I’m shaking some things up and trying out some new techniques and goals. So keep it posted here for the updates!

QuinteroWedding-163          QuinteroWedding-400

The Quintero wedding at the Rio Plaza on the San Antonio Riverwalk was one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to. The bridal party was lively and the couple were so cute together it was like a picture perfect scene. I had not met the bride in person until the day of the wedding and she was so adorable in her little pink tutu walking around on the main floor before getting ready for her big day! Even the bridal dressing room was teeming with energy from all the little ones running around! Denae did hair and make up and I turned around and she was in her dress! I was so surprised how quickly she had moved.

QuinteroWedding-248     QuinteroWedding-320     QuinteroWedding-330

This was a military wedding, so all the Groomsmen had on their uniforms. Usually it’s more difficult to get guys to loosen up for pictures but this entire bridal party knew how to strike a pose. QuinteroWedding-445              QuinteroWedding-528

I think my favorite thing about weddings is getting to hear the love story, and to feel the emotions from the couple and those who care the most about them. This couple was no exception to that and you could feel the love every time they looked at each other. It’s enough to make you see everything that is right with the world. As to the venue, this was an incredible choice for their wedding. The staff was on the ball, the venue itself was gorgeous and the food was great! This wedding will be with me for a long time in my memories!

QuinteroWedding-423    QuinteroWedding-600    QuinteroWedding-430

Thank you for serving our country Alexander and Denae, and I wish you both nothing but wedded bliss for the rest of your lives!

QuinteroWedding-908              QuinteroWedding-1000


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