Car2go memberfest 2014

memberfest-1 memberfest-27 memberfest-47 memberfest-54 memberfest-56 memberfest-66 memberfest-76 memberfest-82 memberfest-158 memberfest-159 memberfest-160

Happy Monday! So on Thursday Sept 4th I was part of a company photo event for Car2go Austin and their membership appreciation event. I mostly ran their photobooth and got some cover shots of the event as it was going down. I don’t normally do these type of shoots but seeing as my husband and I work for the company I offered and they decided to go with me for this event. It was fun getting to bring both of the things I do together. I started working for Car2go a few months after moving to Texas with Steve and a couple of our mutual friends. It’s my first office type job so I am learning tons of new stuff while also getting to work the normal day time hours. This is a first for me since the Theme Park and the restaurant world are so crazy with the hours. Texas is providing me the opportunity to grow in the ways I would like to and change who I define myself as.  That day was full of all kinds of fun stuff that members both new and old could do to get free drive time minutes and I had fun playing with the members and the props. I think the line I often used was “Accessorize with the bucket over there and then grab your Car2go when you are ready to go!”. The last four photos are with some of my coworkers and then my husband and I at the end! All in all a fun night!


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