More Birthday Fun!

To say this week has been eventful would be a major understatement. I have done all kinds of craziness this week with the friends who weren’t able to be there for the Bats last Saturday!

On Friday night my husband and I were invited to check out the new Alamo drafthouse on South Lamar. While we didn’t see a movie the theater is beautiful and we will back as frequent regulars (still need to see “Guardians of the Galaxy!) No tonight was for something totally different that we had never been to before. Our friends had heard about something unique and brought us here for my birthday. That night we saw “Lowbrow at the Highball presents La Creme de Cabaret”. What a show! The energy was high and the show was so unique, definitely adult fun not for the little ones. But with an open mind and heart we had quite an experience. We had paid for reserved seats which was awesome since there were people standing but don’t expect service from the waitresses. The bartenders was nice and efficient though! The old thyme Lemonade was to die for (and they have it on the menu for the movie theater)! All the drinks were strong and refreshing, the show unique and entertaining. There was even a singalong which we sang long after we had left for the evening.  Obviously I couldn’t take pictures which is sad but all I can say is go experience that for yourself!

Saturday evening I had a beautiful military wedding down at the Rio Plaza in San Antonio and it was incredible but I will tell you more about that in Thursdays session blog. The pictures are beautiful though so I am antsy to share.

That brings us to yesterday. The day was a down day while we edited and Steve is helping me with my new website for the re-branding. It’s hard to decide how you want to put your best foot forward, but it will be worth it in the end. Then in the evening my best friend Holly, had come back this week so Holly, Steve, Mike and I went down to see the bats again and it was really cool again. We got there just as they were starting to leave the bridge. It’s always fun to watch the sun set with the bats flying off into the air with their freedom. We then drove over to S. 1st to Freddie’s for some good food. I had pineapple on my burger which was delicious and watched some Bengal pregame season football. Holly’s favorite team is the Bengals so it was ideal timing. We were both super excited about the new season starting and our men couldn’t care less :).  My team is the Redskins, so it is interesting to be living in the Cowboys world but I will still wear my hoodie proud. Also two of my last weddings have had Dallas cakes for the grooms which is cool. The last way to end the night was to have Gelato sandwiches at Dolche Neve, and even though we showed up 8 minutes too late they didn’t turn us away and were so sweet to us. I had the mint chocolate chip and let me tell you… Yum.

So who else did something crazy this weekend?? I am always looking for fun things to do here in the city! Who knows Next week it could be your recommendation!


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