Birthday fun!

My Birthday was on Saturday the 16th and it was really fun. Friends, Mimosas,  Sugar Mama’s Cupcakes from South 1st street and the main treat : The Austin Bats. I have been trying to make a point of experiencing all that Austin has to offer us and to do things like a tourist or an explorer would do. The only real thing I wanted to do for my birthday was just that, see the bats take off from under the congress bridge. We were dropped off by a Lyft and then walked down to the crowds of people waiting, with vendors, bat conservation members, and a gentleman in a top hat playing a white piano. It was quintessentially Austin, when you think of the city and keeping it weird. Music filled our waiting time as we watched the sun sink below the bridge.  Then you could see them. At first just a few were coming out and would fly to other ares under the bridge. Then it’s as though a whistle went off and hundreds of bats came pouring out from the crevasses of the Congress bridge flying into the night sky. This heavy stream of bats lasted at least 20 minutes and was breathtaking. You could see some flock together like birds and some breaking off to go their own way.





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