Session of the Week – Clack Marshall Wedding

In this business you get to meet all types of people from all different walks of life trying to celebrate moments that we would consider milestone or solid memory makers. Sometimes though you really click with people after only a few moments, a few words spoken. That is what it was like for me when I met Miesha and Eric. The atmosphere of this little coffee shop up north had changed from being nervous about not knowing what to expect to warm and comfortable. The three of us conversed so easily and it was a match made in a Photographer’s Heaven. Fast forward to their wedding on August 2nd and I could feel nothing but excitement. Two amazing people had found each other and they were going to celebrate a very special day and I got to be a witness to it. But not even just a witness; I got to capture it for them. I had never been this close to crying tears of joy when they exchanged their vows in any other wedding. I’m pretty sappy and empathetic to begin with anyway but even still it was beautiful. The venue was amazing. It was located at the Providence Baptist Church in Gonzales, TX and this church has been around for 140 years! I love the old architecture. The bridal party, family and friends were great and so willing to take photos and be part of the couples day. Being witness to the final prayer before the wedding that they said together while not being able to see each other was breath taking. I wish the happy couple the best in their future together. This is a wedding that will stick with me for a long time and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

clackmarshallwedding-71 clackmarshallwedding-6 clackmarshallwedding-177 clackmarshallwedding-181 clackmarshallwedding-255 clackmarshallwedding-264 clackmarshallwedding-274 clackmarshallwedding-275 clackmarshallwedding-279 clackmarshallwedding-280 clackmarshallwedding-288 clackmarshallwedding-341 clackmarshallwedding-349 clackmarshallwedding-355 clackmarshallwedding-363 clackmarshallwedding-364 clackmarshallwedding-380 clackmarshallwedding-384 clackmarshallwedding-391 clackmarshallwedding-393 clackmarshallwedding-410 clackmarshallwedding-462 clackmarshallwedding-516 clackmarshallwedding-578 clackmarshallwedding-647 clackmarshallwedding-696


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