Highlighted Session of the week : Graffiti Park


So as I mentioned in the last post Thursdays will be all about a photography session whether it is past or present. I selected this one for a few reasons. We are still in the getting to know who I am phase and this is my most recent session. What makes this session special is that two of my younger sisters are in it.

My family is complex and dynamic. My parents divorced young so I got the opportunity to grow up with four parents instead of two. Were there challenges sure, but I wouldn’t trade any of my parents for the world. I have four sisters and a brother ranging in ages from thirteen to mid twenties with me being the oldest and they are all so different. My family is split up into three different states  (maybe more soon) and so when we get to see each other that time is important.

Graffitipark-33        Graffitipark-4

Two of my sisters, Shay and Courtney, popped in for a visit for two whole weeks and just left on Wednesday. The first weekend we took them to places like mellow mushroom for pizza, Pinballz, the lakeline mall for all the anime stores and Hiking on the Greenbelt. Steve and I love hiking and I accidentally took the girls way to far and so they were exhausted by the time we were done and didn’t want to do it again. While working my day job though one of my new work friends told me about this awesome place called Graffiti Park on Castle Hill.

Graffitipark-7    Graffitipark-25

Graffiti park is a place like nothing I have ever seen before. It is an old abandoned building that had the construction halted and then just stood. Local artist began just painting on the walls and now it is a tourist spot where you can see artist every day changing the walls! It was quite exciting to see and as an artist really stimulating visually. Two things that I learned though were do not go in the peak of the afternoon in July in Texas… it’s hot; and do not wear nice clothes because to get to the top levels you need to climb through mud and dirt. So while we were not prepared for a full shoot we did have a mini session and I can’t wait to return here in the future maybe for my own headshots!



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