Who is Jenn Cote?

It has been hard trying to decide where to start when it comes to me. Who am I? What do I like? A good place to start is that I am married, I have 6 cats that I love and I enjoy pokemon, sailor moon, comics, reading fantasy novels, and traveling. Over the next few Mondays I would like to break down some of these things individually while also telling fun stories about each category and also tell you about random things that happen here and there.


First I want to take you back to just after I turned 13. I was just beginning to discover that I loved art. Drawing, painting, anime style, life style, chalk everything. I loved being creative and I was inspired by so much that it was hard to contain it. I was a really introverted teenager, so I had a few really quality friends but I wouldn’t say that I was popular. One of these friends was a young lady named Sara. She was a senior while I was a freshman but she was so sweet, talented and truly an inspiration to me. She could paint, draw, and overall was a great student. She also loved anime and she would teach me japanese and how to draw cat versions of characters from our favorite shows. She was by all sense of the word my “sensei”. She took me to my first Megacon in 2001.

Megacon is a huge convention in Orlando that focuses on comics, anime, sci-fi and many other things. At the time my favorite anime was a show called Dragon Ball Z. I wanted to partake in something called cosplaying. So for the whole month before I was preparing to dress up like my favorite character android 18. I dyed my hair, dressed the part and did my best to honor the character the way any true fan would. Plus it was nice to be someone else when you were so shy. Throughout the 3 days people would come up and ask me to take pictures and I got good at posing and my confidence was incredible. That’s when the craziest thing happened.


Sunday is the last day of the convention and things were defintely winding down. I was with Sara and her boyfriend and we were about to leave when I heard someone shouting “sister!” I wasn’t able to turn around before I was hugged from behind by a boy I did not know. When I finally did get the chance to look after he let me go I was surprised to see an android 17 smiling at me. At 13 you fall in emotion so easy that I found him very cute and he was talking about some other con in a few months and asking if he would see me there. Not really listening I said yes. He then went back to his friends and I went home. I then feverishly looked up this next convention he was talking about and confirmed that I was going.            1525339_618947794827870_1778747769_n

Had someone told me then that I would be in a now 11 year relationship and married to him, I wouldn’t have believed you. We have both changed and grown since then and always found our way back together. We continued to go to conventions for a few more years and now that we have moved to Austin we are going to make an appearance at a Houston convention for my birthday in August (which of course I will blog about). I won’t be a character this time but I did just recently dress up like bat girl and a mermaid! Tell me about your crazy stories where you met someone you weren’t expecting to meet??


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